Thursday, September 11, 2014

All About Callie, at age 2

What can I say? She is such a joy! She is inquisitive, and bright. She is so much fun, and much smarter than I think. She can name most colors, primary and including pink and purple. She LOVES the water, being on it, being in it, the bath. "Daddy's Boat" is one of her favorite topics. She also is obsessed with school buses, and dinosaurs.

Her giggles crack you up. At this point she is showing her own signs of affection randomly without prompts. Kisses, hugs, I love yous. I'm soaking it up.

We recently took her to the dairy farm and she loved it. Especially the ice cream at the end!

Her favorite place to visit is "Grandma's Beach" she loves playing in the sand, jumping in the waves, she loves that Grandma always has a bowl of "toe-tay-dos" since they are her favorite snack. She's loved tomatoes since the womb!

We are in potty training mode, although there have been bumps. She is not willing to slow down long enough to tell us when she has to go. She also does not mind being wet or stinky, AT ALL! Every time we put her on the potty, however, she goes. And if you catch her "poop face" she will go #2 on the potty as well.

Her favorite thing to do outside besides go to the playground is to play her "baseball game" or jump in puddles. Wherever she is going these days, she seems to be jumping there. She also has quite the throwing arm! Steve thinks she's going to be quite the ball player. I can't wait for her to be old enough for tee ball next year!

There are hurdles though. We can't seem to drop the pacy. She is SO attached. We tried one night and after 3 hours of crying we gave in. We haven't been brave enough to try again. She is a whiner in the mornings. She likes to whine/cry before she'll just ask nicely. Which I know is part of the age. She hasn't learned patience yet, AT ALL. But we are constantly working on it. We pick our battles.

She adores her daddy. The smile on her face when she sees him is wonderful to witness. If she notices his truck in the driveway she gets super excited "Daddy's home! Daddy's home! C'mon Mom, lets go!" (Let me just add, this whole MOM thing makes me sad, where did Mommy go? She's only 2!!!)

She is very polite. She will ask please, say thank you, say excuse me. I'm glad we've taught her manners so well, people compliment us all the time about it.

We are working on our meal time prayer. She doesn't like to do it at home, but never fights it at school. And her sign of the cross is super cute and hilariously wrong. She'll get there. Papa would be so proud!

My silly little love bug! I can't wait to see what the future has in store. How she adapts to being a big sister. What kind of person she'll be. I can't even imagine loving someone more than her, and now I'll get to expand my love to two wonderful little girls!

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