Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Less than 100 days to go....

Our baby girl will arrive in less than 100 days. 95 to be exact (unless she decides to come early) 3 months away. I can't believe how fast this seems to be flying by! My biggest miss is of course a beer or glass of wine (I don't partake in the every once in a while is ok deal while pregnant)

We have chosen her first name, but haven't quite settled on a middle yet. If you ask Callie on the rare chance, she may even tell you her baby sister's name.

My big girl came to visit me at work a couple weeks ago:


Total Weight Loss/Gain: +20lbs at my ob appt last week (right on track she says)

Maternity Clothes: Yes, the bump hath arrived

Stretch marks: Just the ones from Callie

Sleep: More please.

Movement: LOTS & LOTS and I'm loving it!

Cravings/Aversions: SALT!!! and fresh fruit, aversions to some meat

Gender: Baby Girl :)

Symptoms: Sleepy, sensitive breasts, round ligament pain, emotional, Heartburn

What I miss: lunch meat and sushi.

What I look forward to: the glucose screening next week

Moods: Generally good, a bit cranky

Milestones: Viability!! (since I'm writing this one a little late)

Medical concerns: None. No hematoma. No general concerns. :)

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