Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sweet Sweet Miracle of Miracles #2

I can't believe I'm even typing this. I can't believe I'm falling under a statistic I've only read about. Without beating around the bush. We are pregnant. I am amazed, shocked, excited, scared, blessed, worried. You know pretty much all over the place.

I didn't even think success on the first cycle was even in the realm of possibility. I wasn't even stressing about anything because I figured it would take awhile and my body needed to adjust to the medication and cycling. WOW, just WOW

We returned from vacation and three days later Callie and I were sick. We stayed home Monday and went to the doctor. While we were at the drug store picking up prescriptions and getting dayquil, I thought to myself "Hey that spotting you had last week really never turned into anything. I'll buy a cheap test just to cover my bases so I can go home and take this medicine" I really thought it was a light period or I didn't even ovulate (which would be normal for me) So I bought them, and as soon as I got home (around 11am) I peed on it. Within 30 seconds it was positive and I'm pretty sure the words that came out of my mouth were "Holy Shit!"

I called my OB and she had me come in for bloodwork. Since then I've had 3 betas to confirm.

1st beta 13/14dpo- 103
2nd beta 15/16dpo- 310
3rd beta 21/22dpo- 4,227

We have our first appointment on the 15th of April with my OB and I'm hoping we will get to take a quick peek at our little peanut to see the heartbeat.

Please say prayers for us that this little one keeps growing!

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Rebecca said...

Congrats......great numbers!!!! Same thing happened to me, I'm due in Aug.