Monday, March 10, 2014

On the POSITIVE side of things....

When we were TTC Callie, we were pretty ignorant about how to go about doing things and just followed the doctors directions. I took my basal temp (HAHAHA!) we had intercourse when we were told to. I didn't know my body as well as I do now. Then when we got past all the "easy" TTC stuff, and all the guess work was taken out of the game. I had AF, had an ultrasound, did injections, had more ultrasounds and bloodwork, was told my eggs were big enough, did another injections to release said eggs and came back the day after next for insemination. Nothing sexy about it. And it still took 8 tries for that to be successful.

Now we are working with a different OB and while she has me on a strict regiment, I now know my body really well and I am paying attention and peeing on OPK's like a pro....

This was CD13 & 14

This is my first ever positive on an OPK. So we are following doctors (and reassurance from my Secondary Infertility group) orders and trying the fun way to make a sibling.

This being our first cycle of actual trying I feel so different this time around. I'm way more relaxed about the situation. I have no false hopes that this could work on the first try. I feel absolutely no pressure; AND I'm having FUN just spending the time with my husband.

We leave for vacation in a couple days and so my 2ww will be spent mostly under palm trees, snorkeling and slurping down raw oysters. Not thinking about when I can pee on that stick. But thinking how lucky and blessed we are to have this opportunity to get away for a few days.



MB Photography said...

<3 you lady! Glad you are relaxed this go round!

MB Photography said...

<3 you lady! Glad you are relaxed this go round!