Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Amazing and Awestruck!

Yesterday was our first appointment with Dr. M. It feels weird being "normal" and waiting until I was over 7 weeks to see a doctor. The first thing Dr. M did when she walked in was say "SERIOUSLY! Can you even believe it?" And of course I agreed and responded saying of course I couldn't. They she said she thought the third beta was "WOWZERS" and wanted to scan me right away. Steve and I were excited because of course we were hoping for that in the first place!

We were thrilled when we saw this:

One perfect little bean, with one perfect little heartbeat measuring 7 weeks 3 days (1 day ahead!)

Our estimated due date is December 1, 2014

I am so amazed and feeling pretty nauseous, and completed ecstatic about it all!


Rebecca said...


Dr. Grumbles said...



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Thank you so much!
Dr. Grumbles

Faith said...

Oh my Sarah, I am just over the moon for you! There is like a CRAZY pregnancy wave going on right now. Seriously, it must be in the air or something lol! ENJOY this amazing time ! I will try to live vicariously through you:)!! Happy happy dance over here:)!