Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh what a beautiful morning!

We had such an amazing weekend. The weather was just right to spend most of it outside. Callie loved going to the beach with me and Grandma. She was sad to leave it even though it was pretty chilly on the water

We died eggs on Saturday for the Easter Bunny to hide.

On Easter morning she hunted them down and some plastic ones out in the yard. She ate jelly beans (her first time) and was just cracking us up all morning! In the afternoon we went to Steve's parent's house and did another egg hunt. Grandma & Papa also got her some plastic trucks, which she of course LOVED and played with them as soon as we got home!

I so love seeing pictures of her wearing this dress. My grandma made it for me when I was a little older than her for Easter. Its such a nice color on Callie and I know my Grandma would be pleased.

Baby Miller #2


Total Weight Loss/Gain: None. I weigh the same as when we found out

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I have a good "bloat" belly by the end of the day

Stretch marks: Just the ones from Callie

Sleep: So exhausted. Constantly. I could go to bed right after Callie does (7:30)

Movement: None yet. But I hear it comes faster the second time around

Cravings/Aversions: I craved a slurpee yesterday and it was awesome.

Gender: Is doesn't matter to us, we just want a happy healthy bundle of joy!

Symptoms: Sleepy, PUKEY every morning, sensitive breasts, round ligament pain, lower back pain

What I miss: Having a normal energy level, not greeting the porcelain god every morning.

What I look forward to: Getting a BUMP and seeing the baby again

Moods: Generally good. Although I've noticed I get snippy/crabby at mealtimes and before bed.

Milestones: Confirmed heartbeat, baby measuring 2 days ahead.

Medical concerns: None so far. Baby looks very healthy. No hematoma noticed on ultrasound (Dr. M says we have a 15-20% chance of having another SCH)

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