Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On TTC #2

Here we go again....hoping and praying it will come easier this time.

I went for a visit with my OB yesterday and she gave me directions for this month. I actually had to have her write them down because it seems like so many more directions than the last time (even with injections)

So we are back on Femara, because while TTC Callie, I did ovulate we just never conceived. To add to the femara, this is what else she wants us to do

1. Take Robitussin 200mg every day (to thin my cervical mucous, and make it easier for the sperm to make it past my cervix)
2. Take a pre-natal (CHECK)
3. Take Femara days 3-7 (starting tonight)
4. Take ovulation tests from day 9-16
5. Coitus every other day from 9-16 or 3 days past positive ovulation (wink wink)
6. Take progesterone days 16-28 to support embryo implantation.

Wish us luck! Hoping for a 2015 baby Miller!

And because I just love her so:


Faith said...

Eeeek! Good luck:)!

Rebecca said...

This is so excited. GL and keep us updated!