Friday, January 10, 2014

Deep in the Depths of Toddler-Land

Callie is almost 20 months old and precocious as ever. Still stubborn and polite and has added 'scuse to her word palate for "excuse me". One thing she refuses to say is "Love you" we have probably said this phrase more than any other, but she refuses to even try to say Love.

We say love you, she says "see you!"
We say love you, she says "nuh-night Mama (Dada)"
We say love you, she says "buh-bye"
We say love you, she says "Elmo (sub- book, milk, baby, help, eat) please"

She gives the sweetest little kisses where she puckers up her lips and sucks in her cheeks like a fish face and then kisses you. She thinks it's so funny!

Her sleep schedule has returned back to normal (THANK GOODNESS!) and when we don't have to get up early she is typically sleeping in until 8 (bedtime is 6:30).

This girl needs her schedule. If we vary it too much we're in for a rude awakening. And I mean awakening. Later bedtime or short nap means earlier wake up the next day or fighting to go down at night. As long as we stick to routine she's an angel.

This past week we celebrated Steve's 33rd birthday. We are officially the same age for a few more weeks. And to celebrate his turning another year older, God graced us with 12 inches of snow and arctic temperatures. Things are finally starting to warm up and thaw, but the roads were pure ice for a few days and gave Callie and I an extra 2 days of winter vacation.

TTC #2-

I am currently on birth control for one more month and then a progesterone cycle, and then we start Femara. I ovulated on the Femara before we just never conceived. Here's to hoping!


Pril said...

Hope hope hope baby dust sending it all your way!
please oh please let us be pregger buddies. I BEG TO WHO EVER IS LISTENING!!!
Love you and LOVE LVE LOVE that photo of Callie looking at the snow on the sidewalk!!!MWAH

Faith said...

What a sweet cute! Good luck on #2:)!