Friday, December 6, 2013

18 months Blessings and Challenges

I'm writing this purely exhausted.

I'm elated with this stage we are in. Callie's growing in leaps and bounds these days. She can say more words than I can count, constantly on the move, using forks/spoons on the reg, recognizing people and items in our everyday. She is so funny and is such a dare devil. She loves to jump (even though she hasn't quite mastered it yet) and color, and she loves her puppy.

There are also some challenges with this stage. She doesn't understand patience, or waiting. She doesn't quite know her own limits and can get frustrated very easily. She has also in the last couple of weeks become an "early waker", meaning she wants to be up for the day between 4 and 5 AM. (can you picture my sad face?)

She is very polite and between whining and pointing for what she wants she will sign and say "Pees" to get what she wants. She does not however take "No" very well. It is hard to distract her. My stubborn little girl!

She also babbles and reads stories to herself and is pretending with dolls. It is fascinating to watch. She loves to stack and line up things. Jelly Packets, toys, dolls, letters.

She is very advanced with her speech according to the pediatrician and daycare ladies. She will count to 3 sometimes 4. Spell her name (not on command, I wish I could get this on video)She also seems to be picking up on what certain letters look like and their sounds. She knows the Letter A sounds like Ah, and B like Ba, and D like Da. She knows several of her body parts, but thinks her toes are silly because she always laughs at that part.

Callie is VERY tall. At her 18 month check up she was over the 99th percentile for height (Dr. G said she would even be in the 75th for height if she was 2!) Taking after her mama already.

I also love that when she sees me she says "MAMA!" or signs "Mama" like the word just means comfort. That part is pretty awesome I gotta say.

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to:

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Faith said...

She is SO freakin' cute! I remember when my kids started to kid a little difficult at that age - it's hard after that sweet 9-14 month phase lol! Sounds like she is doing so wonderfully well though:)!