Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cheers to Six Years

I have been writing this blog for six years.

Six years of my life is in these pages.

I started writing this blog shortly after I got married. It started as an online journal. Then evolved into an infertility blog and the ongoings of our treatment. Then into a pregnancy journal. Now I feel we have come full turn back to an online journal. I want to record the things we do as Callie grows. I want to write down all the milestones she completes. I want her to know from the first moment her Dad and I thought about starting a family, she was wanted.

I read an article the other day which basically talked about taking the time with your kids to take pictures WITH your kids and not just OF your kids. This really touched me. I love the pictures of me with my parents and sister from when I was little, much more than the ones of just myself. I take pictures constantly. I document everything it seems with a snap of my phone. I want those moments captured, but I have to consciously think about putting myself in the moment. Here are a few of my recent attempts:

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Faith said...

I love your adorable pics! I also try to make an effort to get mommy and daddy in the pics sometimes:). LOVE the BLUE attire:).