Monday, July 29, 2013

It's offical, we are parents to a toddler

Callie is walking more than crawling. In fact she is on the verge of running. This makes my heart happy and sad at the same time. Our cuddles are less and less as she wants to GO GO GO! She is babbling ALL the time and can saw a few words, "uh-oh" "daddy" "mama" and "thank-you" which comes out sounding like "fank ooooo" and is ADORABLE. She can also sign "more" "all done" "milk" and we are working on "please" and "Help". There is something new happening all the time. Different connections she makes and recreates. She can blow bubbles in the water, she LOVES bathtime and brushing her teeth. Books are the best ever right now. She'll bring me a book and try to climb into my lap. She is also not a picky eater. She tries everything. I can't tell when it's not her favorite, but she'll still eat a bit. So far she really only doesn't like cottage cheese.

We went to the sandbar on the boat. And she loved it! So did Daddy and Aunt Sarah.

Daddy "styled" her hair after her bath.

In her little dress from Mexico we bought on our cruise.

At the park with Mama on Sunday morning

Callie and Mama shadows

I took on a project of cleaning out some of her stuff and organizing her clothes that don't fit. These are all 0-12mo. We are fully into 18 mo clothes right now, and are starting into 24 mos.

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