Friday, September 6, 2013

That one time I went commando at work

To say this has not been my week would be an understatement. We have been battling being sick and stuffy all week (except for Steve who has so far seemed to scrape by healthy as an ox *knock on wood*)

Callie has been exceptionally crabby. She's stuffy, I think her throat was a little sore and she is teething. Not the good unnoticeable kind of teething. The fussy, impatient, bag of whines kind of teething. Canines just plain stink, and I don't blame her.

On top of being sick, and my nose running like a sieve who should show up....oh that's right the ever illustrious Aunt Flo.

Let me back up by saying. Exactly 2 weeks previously I had about a BILLION and 1 signs of ovulation. Like "WOAH dude you are totally dropping an egg right now!" Did we get busy like rabbits you ask? Not really. We do have an already paid for trip to Vegas for NYE and I would really like to um, join in the festivities. However we did not let opportunity go by, *cough cough*.

So fast forward 14 days, and I mean exactly 14 days and I wake up to SURPRISE!!! (surprise because this is only the 4th period I've had this year, and I'm thinking to myself wow, is my body starting to actually work?? We shall see friends)

So we are implementing a new plan at work and I am working with a client. I get up to go visit a coworker with a question when I feel...a leak. I start walking faster, I grab my purse and tell my coworker I'll be right back. I run into the restroom, who's overhead light happens to be broken. Thankfully my iphone is in my back pocket. I thank the iphone gods for installing a flashlight app, and try to illuminate the restroom enough to see in front of me when I see and realize I'm in trouble. These panties are toast. So I had to remove them, sneak out to my car and hide them in my bag.

So here I sit commando, after a long day, a hell of a week, with cramps and a box of anti viral kleenex. Life could always be worse and I'm going online panty shopping. I deserve it after a week like this one.

Some recent pictures of our little hambone!

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