Friday, June 14, 2013

Witty Post *include sarcasm here*

So the other night in bed I began to think about a post and write it in my head...Does anyone else do this? Well a few days have passed and we've been dealing with a sick baby and from lack of sleep, and trips back and forth to the pediatrician I have completely forgotten what that post was about...But it was a really good one I promise (not like this sucky one) full of whit and intrigue. Probably the BEST POST EVER and due to double ear infections and impetigo (thanks daycare!) it has flown the coupe. Maybe Men In Black Will Smith came by with his flashy thing...but whoosh my brain has replaced it with dosages of amoxicillin and ointments and sanitizing every toy she owns.

So before the "plague" hit the Miller's we were super busy enjoying Daddy's newfound weekend's off. We went to the cottage, took Callie to Point Pelee, had her first trip to the Zoo. Bought sausage at Eastern Market, had her first burger at Nemo's in Corktown and went on the boat a few times. We are also planning out first road trip to Kalamazoo! We can't wait to show Callie her friend Sullivan's house!

I swear there was more to share, but I'm exhausted, so please excuse this wimpy post that I've filled mostly with pictures

Callie's first taste of Pickle! (after this face she actually wanted more!)

at Eastern Market enjoying the people watching and the street art

Chowing some french fries at Nemos in Corktown

Celebrating baby Tessa LeMay who should join us at the end of July

Daddy telling her we were going to the Zoo!!

first time at the toledo zoo

Big Girl on the boat headed to Sugar Island :)

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