Thursday, June 6, 2013

this IS my life

The surrealness (is that even a word) of having a child has stuck around for Callie's entire first year. Just now I am starting to realize our new "norm". She is mine, she is ours, she is forever. Just now am I putting it together that this IS my life.

My brother, Kevin, explains it in cycles. Everyone goes through different cycles all the time and they are different lengths of time for each individual. Some people go through the, well he had a fancy term for it, but I'm going to call it the "Happiness Cycle", each day. While others take longer to complete the HC. Kevin says it takes him 4-5 weeks to complete his HC, and I would think I'm pretty on par with that time length myself. Does this correlate with my other "cycle"? Heck no! Don't you guys know already how irregular THOSE are!? haha! If they were as regular as my HC then I wouldn't have had any problems conceiving!

Anyhow, back to the Happiness Cycle. Whether is revolves around your job, family/home life, friends and social environment each one satisfies a different need. I think recently I was in the downward slump of my cycle. I was overwhelmed at work and at home. Callie was having a hard transition with certain table foods and sleeping through the night, I was feeling like a terrible unprepared mother. Work was CAAARRAZZY! Complaints left and right. I was feeling under appreciated in all aspects. Then things slowly got better. We made plans, shifts changed, Callie ate EVERYTHING, and work slowed down a little.

I'm feeling pretty great about life these days. Maybe it's because my daughter has slept through the night 2 days in a row, or maybe it's because my personal relationships with people are going well. Who knows. I'm not going to take it for granted. I am excited about upcoming adventures with and without Callie. I'm happy to feel like myself again, not just Callie's poor worn out mother. Life is good, and we are blessed.

In Callie news, she has just cut teeth #10 & #11. (oomph molars are hard!) and is in the 95th percentile for height and weight. She is starting to WALK, which is amazing and scary all at the same time. She is officially done with her helmet and her hair seems to know it because it seems to have grown 2 inches in less than a month. She is whiney when she is tired and wants something (ugh! We are working on baby signs everyday) She giggles and squeals ALL THE TIME. She likes to play with her toys and knock towers down. We play "chase" where Steve or I chase her and she giggles and tries to get away. She is very inquisitive and points at everything and waits until I tell her what it is.

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Pril said...

That HC explains a lot, about a lot of life things.. lol
You know I love you and always value our friendship! Your little girl is soooooo adorable and that's your fault ;)
I guess steves too but more your fault!~