Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Ray of Sunshine

While the challenges of raising a toddler as a full time working family (meaning my measly 40hrs and Steve's 60 hours weeks) leave us at the end of the week tired sitting in a pile of laundry with an empty fridge, there are things I do love.

1. Picking Callie up from daycare and watching her SEE ME for the first time all day! BEST GIGGLE, SMILE, SOMETIMES WHINE/CRY EVER! (same for her Daddy, but 86 any crying, she ADORES HIM)

2. Our evenings together, watching wheel of fortune and quick trips to the park

3. Planning vacations that we can actually afford (wowzers! VEGAS in SIX MONTHS!)

4. Looking forward to our days off together

Of all the pictures I've taken and shared of our sweet girl the following one exemplifies everything I wanted when I wished for a child:

The little romper and the sun hat. The fat baby legs and those juicy cheeks. The pensive look on her face when she discovers something new. Can't you just smell the sunscreen on this girl? I am so in love.

Enjoying this summer to the fullest. All the discoveries to be made by our curious Callie Cat. It's like seeing things for the first time all over again!

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