Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To my daughter on her first birthday

A letter to my daughter for her to read when she's all grown up

Dear Callie (or do you prefer Callista now?),

Today we mark the calendar and celebrate an entire year you have been in our lives. To say this last year was a learning experience would be an understatement. The moment we found out we were going to have you we both wept with joy. The moment you were born we rejoiced that our struggle was over and you were here. You have created a whole new me, a new US. I had never felt this kind of love before. Your big blue eyes look at me and I am in awe that you really exist.

You have such a personality! You are stubborn and smart and not easily distracted. When you want something you make it known. I hope you stay this strong with your life goals for whatever you want to be when you grow up. You love music and dancing and Wheel of Fortune. Birds are your favorite animal (besides your puppy) and the swings at the park is your favorite thing to do on a sunny day. When you are sad or sleepy you prefer when I hold you and rub your back.

You ADORE your Daddy. The sun rises and sets by his smile to you. Every time he walks in the door you light up. You are proud to be your Daddy's girl. You rush across the room to his waiting arms and it's like you found what you've been looking for. I assure you he feels the same way. Last week you walked for the first time, right to his open arms. Most of your firsts have been with him.

Everyone remarks how pretty you are. Those incredible eyelashes and big blue eyes. While you look like your Daddy, those eyelashes are all your own! Your giggle cracks us up and you're starting to laugh all the time. You say Dada and Daddy all the time, and Mama when you're upset (so I'll come get you). You are trying out other words, but they aren't very clear yet. I think Bird or Bye-bye is next on your list. You aren't very ticklish, but you go into giggle fits when Daddy rasberries your belly. You are very tall which is something you get from me. You have 8 teeth, and are just starting to enjoy all the foods that Mama and Daddy love. Your favorite foods are pasta and scrambled eggs. You can consistently sign "More" "All done" and "Cheerio", and we are working on others.

We love you to the moon baby girl and are so proud and happy that you belong to us. Happy First Birthday! We can't wait to see what this next year holds.



Pril said...

To further your reading, Callie I'll never say your name right no matter how hard I try.. well I think I say it right now! I'm sure you will grow into more nicknames. Your mother is a strong lady and your Father is a great man I Love you and your parents. But remember Callie I got the good stories about Mommy when your old enough I'll share all the dirt.
Until then enjoy playing in the dirt and remember you are a very loved child.. Happy First B-Day Callie!!!
Love "Aunt" Pril!

Faith said...

That is one gorgeous little girl you have there! Can you believe she is 1? I have to say, the year between 1 and 2 was the BEST with my kids. I love all their cute stages, but that was such a fun age - every day brings a new skill to celebrate and they haven't quite gotten into the full swing of tantrums yet:). Enjoy it, momma! beautiful post!