Thursday, May 9, 2013

This coming Mother's Day

So because this is my very first Mother's Day, since Callie was born the day after, I am super grateful to spend the weekend with my two favorite mothers in the whole wide world. My mother and my sister.

I don't want to take away from my experience as a First Time Mom, to say I think Mother's Day is silly because I don't. I just think we should celebrate all women. Not just mothers. I'm not downplaying the job of a mother, because it is hard, VERY hard and so incredibly rewarding.

So this coming Mother's Day I am going to celebrate all women. Mother's, daughter's, sister's, friends. Just women. I read a wonderful article that I will link HERE to explain.

This weekend I am also running my first 5k. I am doing it to celebrate one year as a Mother, to show myself I can do something I put my mind to, to tell my daughter one day and make her proud of me and her Aunt. We are doing the Color Run. My sister in law is a fitness nut and me, well we will just say I'm not. But I wish I was more active so I joined her team with my friend Amanda (another first time mom) and we are going run and wheeze our way through it and get color packets thrown at us. It'll be awesome!

In the biggest news of all, my itty bitty Callista Elena will be a YEAR OLD this coming Tuesday! 12 whole months since she joined our family. 12 whole months since our prayers were answered! Each month brought new challenges and goals. I think we are doing pretty good. One day is WONDERFUL, the next we are barely hanging on. It's all relative and we are super happy.

Happy Mother's Day to all those women out there who wish to be recognized!

Here's a few pictures of my ALMOST 12 month old (woah dude!)

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