Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring has sprung

It is springtime here in Detroit, even if the weather doesn't want to cooperate and bring us sunny, 60 degree days. We can't wait for you Mother Nature. You tease us with 58 degrees and then shoot back down to 42. Callie wants to go outside and play! Don't you know this!

Baseball has begun, the trees are starting to bud, my daffodils are almost blooming and our little munchkin is almost a YEAR OLD!

Our little miss is certainly showing us her personality. Her fierce independence. Her LOVE of all things music, especially banjo sounds and the ABC's. She does NOT however like the itsy bitsy spider, peaches or reading very long stories. This little girl wants to GO GO GO! She is crawling and cruising along everything she can pull up on. She can stand all on her own for a good 5-10 seconds. She is consistently starting to sign "all done" "cheerio" "hi" and "bye". We are still working on "more" "mommy" and "daddy". She adores her Daddy, her Auntie Rachael and singing in the car. She recently has started tasting more table foods and loves scrambled eggs and potatoes. She is not big on fruit, but loves peas, chicken, and bread. This transition has been the hardest on me so far. I'm a stressed out mess when it comes to giving her foods she has to chew. She has a sensitive gag reflex, and if she doesn't like something chances are she'll vomit. Any suggestions or examples of meals for her? She has 8 teeth and is grasping the idea of chewing.

Some pictures of our spring so far :)

CALLIE DANCING Finally caught her shakin' her tush on video! It cracks me up!

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