Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too much chocolate before bed?

Lately I've been having very vivid and disturbing dreams. Last night I was awaken from one such dream to the cries of Callie. She wouldn't settle. I had to pick her up and rock her. It was such a powerful wave of anxiety that woke me up I wondered if maybe she had a bad dream too. In the quiet moment in the middle of the night as I sat there in my bare feet snuggling my half awake whimpering infant, we both needed each other. She was my comfort and I was hers. I said a small prayer. One for her ease of mind, one for mine, and a quick plea for Steve to do well on his test next week (might as well since I was already talking to God). It's a little funny to think, in the quiet of the middle of the night I've always felt that my prayers are heard better than during the chaos of the day. And while I was easily soothed, and Callie was already sound asleep in my arms...I asked for one more thing, be it His will.

Tomorrow I head to my OB to begin discussions of a sibling for Callie. Here we go...

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Faith said...

Oh wow...beautiful post. And adding another...such a wonderful thought. Let us know how it goes!