Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do you have unattainable goals?

So I'm an in total girl love with a blog, that isn't new, but one I would've totally avoided during the "Infertile Years". Brittany is a blog genius. Witty, realistic and sometimes dirty = perfect combo for me. Anywho she gave me an idea to write an outlandish life goal list...Random things I'd like to accomplish in my lifetime no matter how impossible it may seem.

1. HUG John Goodman. Not just meet, but HUG him. Like a big ole bear hug.

2. Become independently wealthy

3. Raise awareness for infertility locally and nationally to the point that it is mandated coverage by insurance plans

4. Go to Europe and visit my family in Belgium

5. Take guitar lessons

6. Scuba dive with my husband (and not be afraid of the fish)

7. Work for a big record label discovering new bands

8. Live somewhere other than Michigan

9. Have a playdate with Jennifer Garner because I think she is awesome

10. Be the doughnut (you know when people dress up as the doughnut, coffee and bagel for the race?) at a Lion's game

11. Exercise at least 3 times a week.

12. Get pregnant and have another baby

I'm going to share this list with Go Mighty because who knows I'm might be able to hug John Goodman with the help of other JG fans out there.

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