Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Adventures of Callista the Tummy Time Queen

Callie has been a terrific sleeper since pretty much day one. Not to say that there haven't been nights where I we were up with her a ton, but consistently since 5 weeks old she's slept around 6-8hr a night. She is also a swaddle baby. She must be wrapped up tight to sleep. Otherwise she is being startled awake and starts to fuss. Because of this good sleeper we have on our hands, and the fact that she is swaddled means she was sleeping (I'll get to the WAS in a minute)on her back for hours at a time. This has caused a little flat spot on the back of her head. Which I, of course, have become obsessed with trying to correct. Dr. O (her pediatrician) even mentioned helmet therapy to Steve. EEEK! Because I wasn't able to go to her first well baby visit, I missed being able to read the response from Dr. O on how severe she thinks it is. I don't think it's very bad (believe me I've scoured the internet for pictures and ways to correct the spot). But it is there. Dr. O said to increase tummy time. So we have, and her daycare has. I think (hope) there's been some improvement.

Example of how she usually sleeps, all snug as a bug in a rug (this is her in her co-sleeper at the lake)

So my little angel has been hitting all her milestones a week or so ahead of the game. But one milestone has happened a few months ahead of schedule. MONTHS! Since a couple weeks ago, and increasingly ever since, she has been rolling from back to belly. All my books say babies start rolling from belly to back first (2-4 months) and that back to belly usually hits around 6 months. Of course MY daughter skips the first step and goes right for the gusto! Example picture below, haha:

*see below*

You can watch her do it HERE

She has been doing this in her sleep too:

Which has this Mama a little nervous. Any suggestions? I know she is sleeping better and more sound. But she's been rolling on her face which makes me scared she can't breathe. Steve says it's her way of helping us correct her little flat spot, ha ha! He also said his buddy said they can't roll while swaddled, well that's either crap or Callie has amazing momentum abilities because she can, and it's not just a fluke. She has done it every night for a week. So last night we went swaddle free cold turkey. She didn't fuss too much, she's been giving us a good go round for the last week of waking up at 4am to eat (after she goes down at 9:30) but I think that's just her adjusting to our new morning schedule. I'm just nervous about her rolling onto her face because she hasn't rolled from her belly to back yet. She can lift her head very well, so my Mom says not to worry. Easy for her to say!

Tummy time also happens to frustrate her more than anything. She can only stand it for around 5 minutes unless you prop her up on something. Then she loves it!

She is also starting to talk a TON and giggle a little.

At 3 months old (on Tuesday) she is much more interactive. When I talk to her she watches me intently, and sometimes tries to imitate what I'm saying. It is BEYOND cute. She also will smile at me all the time and can sit up with some assistance. My little marshmallow seems to be thriving and I could not be more thrilled. I can't stop kissing her. Sometimes I have her in her bouncer and I cannot contain my love and I pick her up and smother her in hugs and kisses. She tolerates me, haha!

Here are some fun pictures taken over the last week:

She loves her rattle from my bff Sarah. It comes all the way from Mexico City, Mexico where Sarah used to live. Good Luck at Berkeley, almost Dr. Sarah!!!

First time sitting in her bath tub unassisted (we had been using the hammock that goes over the top) She LOVED it!

She loves her big brother and he loves her!

Family Fun Day at work (she wouldn't open her had once I had the paint on it, so we did her foot! It was so much fun and we were covered in paint!)

She is playing now, which is adorable. She loves the hanging octopus on this tummy time mat*
(*Note she is laying on her Noggin Nest in the above picture. **you can kind of see her flat spot in the picture above of her on her tummy in the blue sleeper)

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