Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In her 3rd month

Callie is officially 3 months old today! I can't believe its already been 3 months since we brought our gorgeous little one into the world. Three months ago today I was snuggling my daughter for the first time. Three months ago we were introducing our Callista to the family. I am overwhelmed with emotion when I think back over the last year.

One year ago today I was beginning a cycle that would bring the most gorgeous 2 lines anyone has ever seen!

One year ago I was starting my injections hoping and praying this would be it.

One year ago I had my first acupuncture appointment because I felt ANYTHING could give me the edge!

One year ago Steve and I had just returned from a weekend in Chicago at A Family of My Own conference to try and win a IVF cycle. (we didn't win the IVF but met some amazing people and learned a ton)

It's amazing how an entire year has flown by and in that year we have accomplished our biggest goal. We are a family of three. I am a Mom. FOREVER. It is everything I dreamed about.

Over the weekend. Callie was baptized. It was a lovely day. While sitting in church Steve turned to me grabbed my hand and said "Callie just made her first sacrament! That makes me feel so good. I just love her so much."

My heart just soared. My love knows no bounds. They are my world.

With Auntie Rachael & Uncle Kevin (aka The Godparents)

Being Baptized into the Catholic Church :)

In the dress her Great Grandma made, and wearing the necklace her Mommy wore, from her Great Great Grandma :)


Rebecca said...

She is adorable in her little dress!!!! Can I steal her? My baby is going to be late :(

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