Monday, April 2, 2012

6 weeks/42 days/ 1008 hours

And we will officially be parents!! I will be a Mom! I AM CRAZY EXCITED!!! This is tentative as you never know if she may come early.

This last week was pretty uneventful. Which being over 8 months pregnant is a good thing I suppose. We ordered her dresser and hung the closet doors. One step closer to finishing her room, which I will promptly post pictures when it is complete. I am doing NST's 2x a week and had a recorded official contraction while there last Tuesday. I've been feeling Braxton Hicks for awhile, but it was nice for it to be validated.

Picture from our shower (yes I know I'm HUGE!)

33 Weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: 37lbs.. She rounded up last time (bad move!) and I haven't gained any weight in the last 2 weeks, which is good. My weight and bloodpressure are perfect according to Dr. M.

Maternity Clothes: All the time.

Stretch marks: I think there might be a small one on the lower part of my bell (where I can't see) Steve found it. I'm a little depressed about it.

Sleep: Terrible, I'm up every 45min-1hr to pee. No matter how I limit my fluid intake. And when I need to change positions it wakes me up. I'm in the uncomfortable stage now.

Movement: Tons and hiccups! Love it all!

Cravings/Aversions: Back to cucumbers. I'm eating a whole one to myself every other day

Gender: a beautiful gorgeous baby GIRL!

Symptoms: BACKACHES!!! Acid reflux, heartburn, this HUGE belly! lol

What I miss: Jimmy Johns, sushi, a good glass of beer

What I look forward to: Birthday is set for May 14th! That's 6 weeks from today!!!

Moods: Pretty good, although by the end of the day I get really tired.

Milestones: She is just putting on the fat now! She is totally a fully made baby!

Medical concerns: Subchorionic hematoma, and baby was detached from uterus (she is refused to my uteran wall except where the hematoma still exists) Baby looks very healthy, and I'll get to see her again on Friday.


Faith said...

AHHHHHH!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl! And you don't look huge, you look awesome!

Jules said...

That means 5 weeks 5 days until my shower. So as long as she stays comfy in your uterus than it's 5 weeks 5 days till I get a shot of us together with our bumps! We survived infertility with two little miracle girls!
We're in the process of looking for a dresser for Pickle. I want to use it as a changing table as well so we are looking for a sturdy that will last. Let me know if you have any suggestions!