Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Showers bring May Flowers

It is so hard to believe in 7 weeks from TODAY I am going to have a baby! Muffin is now just putting on the fat. At my last ultrasound they measured her weighing 3lbs 6oz and some change. She moves all the time and I love it.

Last week I started NST's twice a week, I also had the steroid shot for her lungs in case she stops tolerating being in my womb. Basically we have our bases covered now if she decides she needs to come early.

Our shower was yesterday and it was lovely. All of my closest friends and family were there. We are so blessed. We received tons of really cute gifts. I actually teared up at a few of them.

32 Weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +40 lbs!!! EEKK!!! I'm a little nervous how I'm going to lose all this weight, but she is growing and kicking, so it's all worth it.

Maternity Clothes: All the time.

Stretch marks: A couple on my breasts, but if that's all I end up with I'll take it!

Sleep: Terrible, I'm up every 45min-1hr to pee. No matter how I limit my fluid intake. And when I need to change positions it wakes me up. I'm in the uncomfortable stage now.

Movement: Tons and hiccups! Love it all!

Cravings/Aversions: CRAVINGS! I wanted these little candies we had back in High School that the french club sold around Valentines Day. My best friend actually found me some and gave them to me at the shower! AWESOME!

Gender: a beautiful gorgeous baby GIRL!

Symptoms: BACKACHES!!! Acid reflux, heartburn, this HUGE belly! lol

What I miss: Jimmy Johns, sushi, a good glass of beer

What I look forward to: Birthday is set for May 14th! That's 7 weeks from today!!!

Moods: Pretty good, although by the end of the day I get really tired.

Milestones: She is just putting on the fat now! She is totally a fully made baby!

Medical concerns: Subchorionic hematoma, and baby was detached from uterus (she is refused to my uteran wall except where the hematoma still exists) Baby looks very healthy and is currently weighing almost 4lbs.


Faith said...

Eeek! You are getting so close! I can't wait:)!

Jules said...

Yay! I timed my trip home perfect for Muffin's arrival!!! I can't wait to see you and meet her. Still deciding on mailing your gift now or bringing it with me in May. I can't believe how fast this has gone by for you and for me. It's crazy. WHERE DID YOU FIND THE CANDIES FROM FRENCH CLUB!!!!???? I was just telling John how I could go for some of those. Too funny!!!

MB Photography said...

Yay!! Baby time is coming sooner and sooner! I can't wait to meet her!