Monday, March 12, 2012

Textbook Pregnancy Symptoms? WHO ME?

So each week I read the cute little things all the websites say about Muffin and what fruit/vegetable she's the size of and what Mom might be experiencing. AND each week when I read the pregnancy "side effects" they are all things I've been experiencing for the previous few days. So I seem to be right on par. Which is completely weird. Getting pregnant wasn't textbook, the first half of my pregnancy wasn't at all textbook, my previous septum removal surgery is preventing a textbook labor/delivery....but the symptoms, oh yes they are right on time each week.

My first example is swelling:

I mentioned in my last post that my rings weren't going back on. Welp, it seems to have spread. When I get up in the morning I'm all stiff and it feels like I've been dancing the whole night before. By the end of the day my ankles look like the above. So I come home elevate for 30 min, they return to normal, I make dinner, then I'm pretty much done for the day. Save for a few trips to the restroom because she sits right on my bladder. I know this is all par for the course, but I'm still going to mention it to my OB at Thursday's appointment.

Since we are having a c-section at 39 weeks I can officially say we are down to the SINGLE DIGITS of weeks left until Muffin is born! I AM THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we are Saturday at 30 weeks exactly.

I think she is head down as most of her big movements are now at or above my belly button. Plus when she has the hiccups they are almost always just below my belly button. I am feeling her almost all the time. She is more active at night, but she rolls and kicks all day. I've been having Braxton Hicks for awhile, however, they are a little more uncomfortable then before and I have them in clusters during the day. They feel a little more like menstrual cramps and my belly gets super tight. They aren't terrible, except I seem to get them more in the car while I'm driving than anytime else, which stinks a little since I can't adjust my position while driving. Another things I think I'll mention to Dr. M on Thursday.

There are only 2 weeks until our baby shower. Can you believe it? We're having a shower for a BABY, that is OURS, to KEEP! Even with feeling her move all the time now, these last several months have been so surreal. Its hard to picture that we're finally almost a family of three + pug. (Can you tell I'm smiling ear to ear?)


womb for improvement said...

It is awesome. So close. Well done.

MB Photography said...

I get to chat with you all the time on the phone, in person, online... and reading your posts still make me smile!