Monday, February 27, 2012

Birth Plan, scmirth plan!

So we have been anticipating our birth plan, and Steve was even getting our "bug-out bag" together (Its what he calls our hospital bag) in case she decided to come early and we needed to be ready on the go. Turns out this baby is going to be as planned as can be. My OB informed me this morning that because of my previous surgery to remove the uteran septum she feels it would be best for us to plan a c-section at 39 weeks. I will be exactly 39 weeks on Mother's Day. I'm hoping for the Monday after, but I guess we'll find out for sure in the next few weeks.

This bums me out to a small degree. I was really looking forward to having the baby placed on my chest directly after birth. I was also looking forward to the labor experience believe it or not. I mean we just bought our birthing ball! (which is doing amazing things for my backache so it's not going anywhere!) I was looking forward to Steve cutting the cord (which I believe he'll still be able to do, just not the initial cut) But such is life and we want whats safest for myself and baby so we will follow doctor's orders.

So here we are 11 weeks away from a BIRTHDAY!!!! HOLY COW!

28 Weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +31 lbs!!! EEKK!!! But since I haven't been able to work she thinks my weight will migrate to the baby with my return to work next week

Maternity Clothes: All the time. (Honestly I love them, the tops are super cute!)

Stretch marks: A couple on my breasts, but if thats all I end up with I'll take it!

Sleep: I am getting up to pee 3 times a night so my sleep is pretty broken up.

Movement: lots! LOVE IT! I can't say how much I love feeling her enough!

Cravings/Aversions: Aversions have made a comeback..certain mean just makes me ill, and for some reason anything sour sounds gross to me, so strange since I love sour.

Gender: a beautiful gorgeous baby GIRL!

Symptoms: BACKACHES!!! Acid reflux, and I feel like my meals sit just under my ribcage

What I miss: Jimmy Johns, sushi, a good glass of beer

What I look forward to: Our next ultrasound March 15th

Moods: Pretty good, although the backaches late in the day can make me crabby

Milestones: 3rd TRIMESTER!!

Medical concerns: Subchorionic hematoma, and baby was detached from uterus (she has now started refused) Baby looks very healthy and is currently weighing over 2lbs.

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Faith said...

Wow, that sure is a change in plan! Of course you are bummed...that is understandable. But you have such a great attitude and you are right, once that baby is in your arms, you will forget about all the rest:).