Friday, January 20, 2012

Nursery Beginnings

We have finally started to prepare for our spring arrival. I was reluctant to begin or purchase anything until we reached the halfway mark because my infertile heart is still healing. But since we are one precious week away from viability it is time. I gotta say this modified bedrest thing is REALLY limiting. I have this incredible urge to nest, yet I can't do anything about. So irritating.

Isn't he sexy painting our daughter's room!

Me faking it! I wanted at least one picture of me helping, even if it is posed.

In other news we got to see our little muffin again on Tuesday. She is perfect and gorgeous and getting so BIG! The ultrasound tech estimated her weight to be 1lb3oz already (at 22w2d). She is still measuring ahead which is wonderful considering the hematoma is still there and only a smidge smaller. She seems to be refused to my uteran wall, mostly, which is awesome. Her amniotic fluid was also good. I go back in 4 weeks to check on her again, and this time Eileen said we can do a 3D ultrasound! I'm wondering if it can be recorded since Steve can't go next time.

Baby at 22w2days! I am so in love!

The cutest little foot!

23 weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +12lbs, although I think we had a "growth spurt" this week so my weight could be a little more

Maternity Clothes: All the time. Although since I'm still on modified bedrest I'm still usually in jammie pants

Stretch marks: None from pregnancy

Sleep: more energy, but I can't do anything with it.

Movement: lots! Muffin kept me up til 4am last night! I think she was throwing a party in there!

Cravings/Aversions: I have never liked cucumbers, and now I CRAVE them. Other than that my cravings have been fresh fruit and salad..which I guess isn't the worst craving to have :)

Gender: a beautiful gorgeous baby GIRL!

Symptoms: Starting to feel more fatigued, and my bump is getting in my way here and there. (love it!!)

What I miss: Jimmy Johns, sushi, an active social life....WORK, can you believe it!

What I look forward to: Viability, which is only 7 little days away!

Moods: Generally good, although bedrest can get a girl down. And I've been forgetting EVERYTHING.

Milestones: Haven't had any bleeding or spotting since 2 days before Christmas (knock on wood!)

Medical concerns: Subchorionic hematoma, and baby was detached from uterus (she has now started to refuse, thank goodness) Baby looks very healthy.