Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caught on Video

This is a short video I took on my phone. If you watch the right side of the remote around the 6 second mark you'll see her kick it!!

My darling husband finally got all the heavy furniture out of her nursery. Time to begin "nesting"!!

It's still so surreal, feeling her move, and even being pregnant. I can't wait to finally meet her and see her tiny little face. I used to go in her room and fantasize about our hopeful children and how I would decorate the room, and picture rocking a baby in a chair. And by the grace of God, and the miracle given to us, it's becoming real instead of fantasy! We are so blessed and I am overwhelmed with emotion everytime I feel her move. I can't wait for the first time I hear her cry, or the first time she gets fussy and reaches for me, her Mommy. I can't wait to see her fast asleep in her Daddy's arms, or listen to her Daddy read to her. All of these firsts in front of us. God is good!

A little more than 2 weeks until viability. I will breath a sigh of relief once its January 28th. Although I want her to stay cooking as long as possible. Dr. M says it's not a question of "if" but "when" I get the steroid shot for her lungs. She believes with the hematoma our precious little girl will come early. I hope not too early. I'm praying our ultrasound next Tuesday shows improvement. They are also going to check her amniotic fluid and growth to make sure the hematoma isn't restricting anything.


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MB Photography said...

Yay! I saw her! Now I need to feel her!

Faith said...

Love this! This movement was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant - I'd be typing on the laptop and she'd kick it and I'd have a typo, lol! So fun! Keep dreaming of all those wonderful moments - they'll be here before you know it!