Monday, August 29, 2011

Polka, Bikers and Crab Cakes

All is right with the world. Jay-Z and Beyonce have a baby on the way. Can it be my turn now? I mean I know people were praying for them to produce a future star of the music industry, so now that it's been accomplished... I'm just saying. :)

This past weekend was busy and had us running around all over downriver. Friday night marked the beginning of the the end of summer for the Miller clan. The Mt. Carmel festival is one we attend every year no matter what. We get our fill of polish food, blackjack and polka (and a few beers) every year. For Steve it's like a high school reunion. I would instantly say no thanks, but he seems to like running into folks he hasn't seen in awhile.

Saturday we were up early (like 9, which is early for a Saturday) and had to be at Iron Mikes in New Boston to work the Make a Wish Foundation Bike Run. There were around 100 Harley's in the parking lot in all of 10 minutes and Steve and I were running around selling raffle tickets and 50/50. They were at our stop for about 45 min and then like a swarm of bees once we pulled the winning 50/50 ticket they were gone. We went to the next stop in Maybee to meet up with my father in law and Steve's little sister. It was a lot of fun. The day ended at the VFW hall with a pig roast.

Sunday was our friend Chef Jeff's Top Chef competition in Wyandotte. There were 6 restaurants/catering companies competing. It was a pretty windy day on the river, but the sun was shining so it was really nice. Steve and I tried dishes from every table. They were all really good. Jeff made crab cakes that were amazing, and even though he didn't win he still got tons of compliments. Currently he is one of the chefs at RP McMurphy's in Wyandotte. Some of the other dishes I liked were the watermelon and watercress salad from Silver Shores, the pecan sweet potato casserole from TDRR. We left uncomfortably full, came home and watched a scary movie.

Today is 5dpiui. Playing the waiting game. No booster trigger shot this time. They changed up the protocol a bit. Started the Crinone this past Saturday. Praying and hoping and praying some more.

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MB Photography said...

Sounds like a super fun weekend! Guess I'll have to REALLY read your blog now to keep up with you! :(