Friday, September 2, 2011

Can it be over before the hope began?

I am a bit down today. Usually I take the trigger, 36 hours later I have the IUI, then I take a booster trigger (1 week post first trigger) and some kind of progesterone throughout my 2 week wait.

This IUI they said "No booster trigger" just the progesterone treatment (crinone). My breasts have been tender since the day of the IUI and are usually like that throughout my 2ww, until around 12-13dpiui when they are done being sore, deflate and my period shows up.

Today is only 9dpiui, and more tenderness. Failure already is what I'm thinking. AND it bums me out. 7 great looking follicles and nothing. Highest E2 levels EVER and nothing. Metformin, Acupuncture, vitamins, injections....

Tested this morning, stark line (obviously)...It's still way early but at least I know the trigger is gone. I've been cramping all morning like AF is going to show up.

I'm feeling emotional about this. I'm so sick and tired of failure. Time will tell.


S said...

The 2WW is so awful. I know I've had lots of times when my symptoms have come and gone during a 2WW, and I don't necessarily think it = failed cycle.

Hang in there.

Jules said...

It's not over till it's over... Don't give up hope. I haven't! I'm still crossing my fingers that this is the one for you!