Monday, August 22, 2011

Signs, signs everywhere are signs......

I always thought that I was wasn't the superstitious type until we had been TTC for awhile. Now I think I see "signs" everywhere. Last IUI I wrote an entire post dedicated to the number 7. I've gone to a fortune teller. I've had my palm read. I look up potential due dates, and think oh the due date would be "this" and that's a good sign! I know it's silly. I know at this point my chances of conceiving with IUI are slim. But I still can't stop hoping. Which is a good thing I suppose.

With that being said. I am triggering tonight. Nurse K called and told me that my e2 level was 1074(HIGHEST EVER!) and I have a potential of 7 follicles ovulating and she had to ask me if I was ok with multiples before I proceed. I said "OH heck yes! Lets get on with this!" My right ovary today had follicles measuring at 21, 18, 16, 14 and my left had a 16 and 2 14's. IUI #8 is scheduled for Wednesday 8/24. <------ it's a sign! haha! But seriously my favorite numbers have always been 2's, 4's and 8's and they seem to show up in my life all the time (birthday, anniversary..that kind of stuff). I even play 4, 8, 24 and 44 on keno all the time! SO IUI number 8 will be on 8/24. Is it good luck this time? Who knows. But I hope so!

I also went to my first acupuncture appt this past Saturday. I'm not sure if it will help this cycle, but either way it was amazing. I felt so wonderful after. Now I just have to do some alterations with my diet since I have a damp spleen. Wish me luck!!


Rebecca and John said...

I do the same thing! Every month I look for signs and the possible due date! Your cycle sounds awesome this month! GL

Jules said...

I'm the same way Sarah! Our IVF ER was picked because I love odd numbers and it's Steve Yzerman's number! Than I found out it's my IVF coordinators birthday and a friend's Mom's birthday. My transfer date is scheduled for 10/24 which is my friend Mindy's son's birthday. Our anniversary is 10/31 so there is chance I could have a BFP by then! And the predicted due date is 7/11! I think we infertiles look for a bit of hope in every turn of our cycles and there is nothing wrong with that. I hope this is your lucky IUI! You know I'm always thinking about you guys!