Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Frozen Lemonade is the new Iced Capp

Thanks for all the thoughts. I'm feeling better(ish) now. Today is CD3 and I'm ready to get over the loss of "lucky" IUI #7 and move on. This is a break cycle for me. Not because I had any cysts, but because I needed an emotional break.

I wish TLC would do a show about us instead of all the darn baby shows. I mean I like success stories as much as the rest but sometimes I need to see and hear real situations. I know they have that vlog thing, but I think it needs to be much more out in the open. If infertility affects so many of us like they say (1 in 3 couples) then WHY does no one talk about it. I'm pretty sure 1 in 3 people like McDonald's french fries and we hear their stupid commercials all day long. Marriage rate has decreased by over 10 percent, but there are tons of silly shows about weddings.

Anywho...I'm looking forward to spending time with Steve and going on girls weekend next weekend. Irish Hills and Margarita's here I come!

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