Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boats, Midcycle, and Waterfalls

This past weekend Steve decided quite spontaneously that if this was his last weekend before he begins his new job we were going on a long weekend somewhere. I of course quickly jumped at the chance to get away for a couple days and asked my supervisor if it would be ok. After I received the approval I looked on priceline at a couple of places that could be easy, quick jaunts for us. We settled on Niagara Falls.

It was lovely. We drove up Thursday morning and home by Saturday evening. Steve is not an R&R kind of vacation person. He is a GO & DO. Once we had decided where we were going he got into planning mode and downloaded the Niagara Falls app to his ipad. We visited and rode everything Niagara had to offer. My favorite was the jet boat. We rode Class 5 rapids and it was amazing. We also walked behind the falls, rode the Aerocar & the Maid of the Mist, we visited the Butterfly Conservatory, the American side of the falls and rode the giant ferris wheel on Clifton Hill (which was perfectly timed with the Friday night fireworks show). I have tons of pictures I haven't had time to upload yet. But we were thoroughly exhausted from our "vacation" when we returned home on Saturday night.

Also while we were there we went a little off the beaten path and visited a Buddhist temple. We kind of communicated with one of the ladies at the Temple (very hard as her English was limited and our Chinese is non-existant) and she gave us a few little trinkets and I bought a little fertility statue who I believe the name for was Guanyin Pusa. She's on the farthest left of the image. Either way she now sits next to my angel.

This weekend is girls weekend in Irish Hills. I'm excited!! Summer fun with the ladies sitting around relaxing and floating in the lake! This is definitely going to be some R&R time to get ready for next cycle.

It's kind of nice to not be paying attention to what cycle day it is, and it's giving my belly a break from the injections. But I'm ready to begin IUI #8 in August. Now it's all basically up to me. I can keep doing these IUI's as many times as I want until we're ready for IVF. It was kind of funny when Nurse K asked me "So what do you want to do for this next cycle?" I didn't realize I'm at the point where I'm calling all the shots. I guess I know my body best, but it hasn't gotten me pregnant to date so I thought they might want to change things up. It's kind of concerning they aren't making suggestions or the doctor isn't researching other medications that might improve my outcome. It's basically up to me what I want to do and how. I'm thinking maybe a combo of Menopur & Gonal-F? But I don't even know if that would help. I'm producing follicles and releasing. Their quality just must be total crap because we do everything else required (and Steve's guys are always super). I just wish I had a definitive answer as to why this just isn't working. I guess we've tackled the science part, but the miracle part is still in the waiting room.


Faith said...

That is SUCH a good way of putting it! Your miracle REALLY is still in the waiting room - and s/he will come when it is time. Darn miracles! Too bad science is not as powerful as we'd like to think it is, huh? Babies are the most beautiful miracle there is - which is probably why we can't force them on our time:).

So glad you had fun with your hubby - it all sounds like a blast! I hope you have fun this weekend coming up, too!

Jules said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! I love Niagra! The temple and the trinkets sound like a great side trip. I hope they work for you very soon.