Monday, June 27, 2011

The wonderful thing about Triggers...

Menopur is the miracle grow drug for me it seems (at least this month) today is CD10 and I am triggering tonight for IUI #7 on Wednesday the 29th. My ultrasound yesterday showed I already had a follie at 19mm! Which is amazing for my body to produce so early. My E2 level is an 810 (which if I think back correctly is the highest I've ever hit, even with the cancelled 17 measurable follicle cycle). I'm also starting Metformin tonight to help combat the PCOS. I've read several articles on how it could be the "miracle drug" we'll see. I hope my stomach is up for the challenge because I also read it can have some pretty upsetting side effects. Saturday I'm starting a progesterone gel called crinone. Sounds messy, but I'm gonna do everything I can!

Over the weekend we went to Sugar Island! It was super fun. I am VERY sunburned. People keep doing double takes at me while passing my desk and wincing. It doesn't hurt as bad as it looks, but I could use some aloe right about now (even my legs got burned!)

Steve starts his last rotation before beginning mechanical apprenticeship school on the 25th of July tomorrow. I'm so very proud of him!

My wonderful husband enjoying the sunshine at Sugar Island.

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Jules said...

Crossing my fingers for lucky #7 for you guys! Metformin can be evil on the tummy but it does help. It's the only thing that has worked to give me cycles on my own. It took me almost 4 years for it to work but for a lot of people it works a lot quicker than that. Good luck!