Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stars & Stripes

IUI #7 went very well. It was a little more uncomfortable that usual, but Nurse K said this was the best cycle yet (hopes are UP!). My estradiol levels were the highest I've ever had them be at 810. She also said my cervix was text book ovulation mode. So here's to hoping AGAIN.

The number 7 is said to be LUCKY. It's also said to be the most magical and religious number. The number 7 is all over the place! There are 7 cosmic stages, 7 heavens and 7 hells, 7 pillars of wisdom, 7 rainbow colors. In Buddhism 7 is the number of attaining the Center, in Chinese there are 7 fairies, and the Bible mentions 7 circuits of Jericho. The Egyptians knew 7 daughters of Ra. The Greek Pan had 7 pipes, even 7 red stripes on the American flag.

I'm just hoping this number 7 is lucky for us too!

This weekend Steve and I are going to the 19th Salute to America at Greenfield Village to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I'm very excited! They will be playing to fireworks and there will be food and games. It should be a really good time.

Monday we are BBQ'ing with some friends in our newly landscaped backyard! I can't wait to have a fire in my new firepit!

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Faith said...

Wow, you know a lot about 7, lol! Good luck, girl! The stars are lined up just for you this time:).

I remember Greenfield Village from when I was a kid - had a fun field trip there:).

And your yard looks gorgeous!!!