Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elastigirl only without the sweet superhero outfit...

I have bounced back from the dredges which is CYCLE DAY 1 (eeee gads!) and have moved on to a more stable area that is cycle day 5. I obligingly went in for CD3 baseline monitoring completely expecting to have to be put back on birth control. I mean 4 good follicles, amazing sperm, and none of it got me knocked up, there's gotta be something left over in the way of cysts per the usual protocol. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my ovaries are clear for take off. So we started stimming for IUI #7 Monday night. Same protocol. Menopur and lots of it. Back on Friday for bloodwork to see check if they're growing. I'm thinking about back to back IUI's again. We've done it once before, of course it ended in failure, but they keep suggesting it, so maybe we'll try it again.

Also (earmuffs for all you fertiles out there that read this and are not interested the goings-on of the nether areas) I'm wondering if EWCM (egg white cervical mucous)is any kind of indicator of my body doing it's job. The last time I had it (and the 2nd time EVER!)was August of last year.. I felt it was my best month to date for success but I had to go out of town on business and we did the IUI only 14hrs post trigger. Does it even matter as this point if I get it or not? I mean we're kind of skipping the need for it with the IUI anyhow. Any thoughts?

Also in other news my yard is in the process of being ripped out and turned into something gorgeous! Finally a Miller Oasis. I'm very excited about what the finished product will turn out to be. I've taken the before pics and in a few days will take after pics. I'm going to try to do a post of them side by side to show the difference.

Oooh also I'm going to Sugar Island for my first time this weekend and I'm going to beach a melon, which is a Miller Family Tradition which I haven't had the opportunity to be a part of yet! I'm excited!!


MB Photography said...

OMG the pic that you linked to is adorable! Now when you go beach yours this weekend I want to see a reenacted picture just the same but with you and Steve!!

Faith said...

Congrats on bouncing back:). In my opinion, EWCM is ALWAYS A good thing. The last time I got pregnant, I remember clearly seeing it and thinking "hmmm, I must be fertile right now, we should bd." Mind you, we were adopting and NOT actively TTC. And, out of the blue, Addison was created:). I didn't get it every month either - BUT I started getting it once I was taking the herbs my acupuncturist kept me on to regulate my cycles and my whole body. Anyway, it is always a good thing, so don't discount it!

Have fun beaching a melon. I have never heard of it, but it sounds fun, lol!