Friday, June 10, 2011

Support Command

Well today marks 5dpiui. I have no feelings on it other than I'm hopeful, but trying not to concentrate or make any plans for success. I'm just praying and waiting. Which is TAKING FOOOORRREEEVVVER. Two week waits always drag on. I wish it was only like a 2 day wait, that is much more tolerable. I have no symptoms of any kind. I don't trust my body anymore to think that some small thing could/maybe be anything resembling a "symptom" anyhow. The only definitive answer is to pee on something or a blood test.

I have decided to test on Father's Day. I only have 1 test in the house, so I can't get all crazy and test early. Plus I can usually tell if it didn't work about 12-13dpiui.

Regarding my last post, I did write her and tell her how I was feeling. She apologized, made some lame excuse how she couldn't afford to buy anything (AT A GARAGE SALE?!?! I had things priced for only a quarter!) or donate. I explained that I didn't care about that but just wanted her support. Then her bff decided to involve herself and start some draaama. I carefully explained how I felt. The emails ended amicably. Then yesterday I see that the same stepsister is attending another fundraiser event for the same person that is a $12 a person ticketed event. Don't get me wrong, I love that the sick person she is helping is receiving so much support. I just had to be selfish and save my hurt feelings, so I deleted her off my facebook and her bff. I actually had to block her bff because she was posting vague statuses regarding my emails when she was the one that specifically stated to keep them between us (so immature really). This woman is 36 YEARS OLD! I was done with the 36 going on 16, and cut it out all together. And today, I'm feeling much lighter and happy about my decision.


Faith said...

Yikes, she is a piece of work. There are a bunch of other BP wives here who just like drama and act like 13 year olds all the time (like your stepsister). I stay FAR FAR away from them, and have never had any problems. But I hear stories....

The 2ww is hell for everyone, you just have to survive it. Good luck, girl!

Holly said...

Sarah, keep in mind I had no symptoms other than usual PMS cramping and sore boobs... I had no idea until my period was 4 days late. I am praying extra hard for you this round!!