Thursday, June 16, 2011

Out with the bikini....

in with the tankini.....

I have always been an average size (not in height, as I am 6 feet tall) but in clothes. Since beginning to try to have a baby, and all the hormones being pumped into my body (I will not blame my diet!! oh no I will not!) I have gained weight and not in the good areas. My stomach is bloated from hormone injections for most of the month. I actually seem to lose some of the bloat when AF shows her ugly face! With that being said, and me not being happy with my tummy..and it being summer and all. I went out and bought a tankini. It's cute. I like it. But I'm still a little bummed. I'm not keeping bikini's out of the equation all together, but if I'm feeling particularly's tankini time!

Today is 11dpiui. No symptoms to speak of. I'm trying to stay very Zen this cycle. Trying not to go overboard with my google searches of women on their 6th IUI/symptoms at 9dpiui/IUI success stories. I'm also praying a Novena to St. Anne. All I have left is faith and hope. We've done everything possible this cycle. Prayer is my companion these last few days. I've been listening to music I would listen to at Yoga to keep myself relaxed.

Next month I've taking Steve to see The Henry Ford's Salute to America He's going to love it. He has wanted to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for as long as I can remember (they were on strike last season) and combine it with Fireworks (have I told you my dear husband belongs to a firework club? Yep, he does) and it's the best of both worlds! I'm super excited. It's at Greenfield Village and to my knowledge I'm not sure if I have ever been there. If I have I don't remember and it was a very very long time ago.

Please pray that Father's Day is an especially good one!

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Jules said...

I haven't worn a bikini since high school. Especially during all this hormone crap. I lose 10 lbs between treatments and then gain it back in the first day or two of a medicated cycle. MISERABLE. Jealous of your DSO/Fireworks/Greenfield Village outing. I hope you guys have a blast! Crossing my fingers for your Fathers Day positive!