Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And on the 7th day....

Trying to keep in line with the lucky 7's, today is 7 days past IUI #7. I would mention that I'm peeing all night long and my breasts are killing me, I'm crampy and I'm eating everything in sight, and you would say "Ooooooo! This sounds like early pregnancy" and I would scoff and say the crinone gel I take each morning also has the same side effects. Which kinds of stinks, although effectively keeps me from googling/stalking "early pregnancy symptoms at 7dpiui." I've built myself up to 2 pills of Metformin a day without (KNOCK ON WOOD) any of the intestinal distress they said could happen. I actually haven't noticed a difference with that medication, maybe the crinone is overriding anything else in the symptoms watch. If we, by the grace of God, make it one more week I will test. My hopes are up! But I'm keeping myself grounded. There's no reason this time should be different than all the rest. But I sure hope it is.

The holiday weekend was pretty fantastic. The symphony was awesome! I didn't go swimming (Can I swim while taking a progesterone supp in the mornings??) but I laid on the beach with my mom. We snacked (well I snacked, per the eating everything in sight mentioned above) and painted each others nails. It was nice. Monday we had friends over for a BBQ and fireworks. We even had a fire in our new firepit for the 1st time.

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Faith said...

Sounds like the holiday weekend was awesome, despite the waiting! One more week, hang in there! And I swam with the suppositories during my last pregnancy with Addison...never thought a thing of it!