Monday, June 20, 2011

Rock and Roll Hootchy Coo...

Welp, as I predicted with the lack of symptoms, IUI #6 was a huge fail. AF showed her ugly head a full 4 days early on CD 25. I was pretty upset. I cried a bit. I'm not sure why I was so hopeful this cycle to upset me so much, but anyhow, it's now CD3 and I went in for monitoring this morning. NO cysts! Which is great and a first! We'll be able to start the injections for IUI #7 right away.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. We're going out on my father-in-law's boat to Sugar Island. My first time!!

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Faith said...

Oh, no! Damn AF. I'm so sorry! You sound in better spirits than I ever was! Of course you were hopeful - that is the exhausting part of this, your hope just rises as the cycle goes on, and then if AF comes, it just plummets again. But, you can't help but be hopeful for next time - each cycle is another opportunity for a miracle. I will hope and pray that #7 is the lucky one for you, hun! Have fun on the boat!