Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Bazillionith 2 Week Wait

Here we are in another OFFICIAL 2 week wait!! All the stimming went wonderfully and according to my wonderful Nurse K it looks like we had 4 "nice and plump" follicles ready for the IUI yesterday! My estrogen (estradiol, e2..whatever you call it) went up and up and then we decreased the Menopur and then the levels went down. I was a bit concerned with the decrease in levels, but the nurse assured me this was the plan since we decreased the medication. I triggered Friday (with my biggest follicle an 18, followed up by a 15, 2 14's, 2 13's, 12, 10) By Sunday the big ones should've been a 22, 19, 18, 18 (if they grew their expected 2mm a day). Steve the Superman also had an increase in his levels too. I didn't think excellent could become awesome, but it did! It went perfectly, not too much cramping. Nurse K did the procedure (Nurse C has done all 4 of the other inseminations at this office) maybe she'll be the lucky nurse! I sure hope so.

I'm optimistic, but I don't have blinders on. I know in all rationality the chances are the same as always. However, I can't help but be hopeful. My faith and hope are all I have at this point. There is nothing more we can do to help this be a success.

I am drinking my pineapple juice (to help with implantation!)
We sent in "reinforcements" as required by the doctor

As a last thought, 14dpiui is Father's Day. It should be an accurate time to test, and it would be a great awesome thing if it was positive to be able to share that with Steve. Would you test, or wait it out?

Also my special Auntie/Niece weekend was great! Hannah & I had a great time at camp. We came home Saturday night (they said because of the thunderstorms, that never came, but I think it was the MOSQUITOES! they were crazy!!!). Since we came home a night early I just kept Hannah with me and Steve and I took her to see X-men and we ate 5 Guys! I'm pretty sure she loved it!

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rsjablonski said...

Hannah totally loved every moment with you! You're the best Auntie ever! oxox