Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flies in the Lemonade

I'm so sorry I haven't written in awhile. At first I was had writers block, then it seemed as if anything I had to write about wasn't important enough, and then I got sick and enough of the excuses I'm sorry.

So the IVF Sale went amazing! We raised around $1,500 dollars in sales and cash donations. The weather was terrific. We had tons and tons of help! It was great! We still have tons of stuff in the garage but alas the garage door is broken so we can't get it out! ***I miss my parking space :(

Last weekend was our first camping trip up north! Steve and I sharing a tent has never happened...I'm not really sure why, but in 7 years we've never done it. We had a really good time. We went to AJ's uncle's property in Rose Lake Forest, it was beautiful. We took the ipad and did a little exploring of the small lakes that were up there. Steve caught like a zillion fish, I caught one. We drank, ate and were merry with our Kalamazoo friends and some Wyandotte friends too. It was nice. Although everyone brought their puppies and I didn't think it would be Beast's bag, so we took him to the puppy spa. In retrospect he probably would've been fine, but he came home clean and smelling nice so it's a win win.

We're back stimming for IUI #6. I've done 5 days of Menopur. My estradiol levels yesterday on CD7 were a whopping 269! But after today's ultrasound showing my biggest follicle only a 13 we're definitely not ready to trigger yet. I'm just hoping my monitoring for this cycle doesn't impede my camping trip with Hannah this weekend. I'm so excited to go with her and her girl scout troop! It's gonna be great!

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