Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuck in the Middle with you

The Detroit area has been frigid lately/as of late (I can't decide which sounds better) So cold we've added an extra blanket to every area of the house. Ok mostly the couch, but it's because I do most of my snuggling with Steve there.

This week (half because of the cold cold weather) we've been laughing at ourselves: We've come to the conclusion that we're the "old" couple; who after work, come home exhausted, I make dinner, and we sit in front of Steve's new hotness (as he calls it) and watch Wheel of Fortune, the Jeopardy, then a show of our choosing off of the DVR, and then we hit the hay (which has ranged anywhere this week from 8pm-10pm) LAME right? Yep, I know. Old. But seriously we've been sleepy, and why fight sleep when it is really really awesome.

My birthday was fun. We went to a really fancy restaurant and shared a couple cocktails (BOO!!!) boo because of the failed IUI, and that I could have a couple cocktails (YAY!) Because I had 2 pomegranate martinis and they were yummy! Then of course we had the 5th Annual Super Birthday Bowl. I took Monday off so the husby and I got a lil tipsy together. Which P.S. is when I questioned "Since when do I get 2 day hangovers now?" Ugh, that part was terrrrible. Never again (a-gain! I say)

Oh we also had a little snow-ish storm again last Saturday and I wasn't able to give my niece her birthday present. Which I think she'll LOVE. Allie is OVER the MOON about Owls, and my friend from work has a friend who makes THESE:

So cute right?? This is the one I had made for her too. The flower was a little extra, but worth it. I think she'll love it! Poor kid we've missed her last 2 birthday parties because of stupid snow. I know her pain though, having a winter birthday myself.

So Steve and I have talked a bit more about IVF, and we are gearing up for it. I have an appointment with my regular doctor to have a couple tests done, and then we'll be making the IVF consult appointment with Dr. M. We have lots of questions and we would love to know of any programs that he accepts. I have read a lot about attainivf and also ARC (only Wayne State seems to accept that one). But the thought of paying a deep discount, getting more cycles, and most of the money back if it doesn't work seems to make more sense than throwing everything we've got into one cycle and saying a million prayers it works. I'm a bit of a control freak, I don't like to take risks and I'm trying to be realistic. So (and this is totally subject to change) this is my hopeful tentative schedule:

1. Finish this BOOOORRRRRING cycle of birth control
2. Start meds for IUI #5
3. Make appt for IVF consult during IUI #5 cycle
4. Have IUI #5
(this is where is gets fuzzy)
5. Hope & Pray IUI #5 takes
6. If not push forward with IVF #1 hopefully in May

I hate uncharted waters...but I am hopeful as always!


Faith said...

Hey Girl! I do NOT miss that! Anyway, your nighttime rituals sound like heaven to me! I would LOVE doing that with my hubby and that is pretty much what we do on his days off. But, he works a swing/second shift, so I don't often get to hang out with him in the evening like that:). enjoy it:)!

So, have you read "The Infertility Survival Handbook" by Elizabeth Swire Falker? There is a section in it on shared risk programs...which I was also looking into because, like you, I hate taking risks, esp financial ones. Basically she talks about how these programs screen you to make sure THEY have the lowest risk possible. So, the bottom line ends up being...if you qualify for the program, you stand to lose the most because they see you as someone who will probably get pregnant pretty quickly, therefore making them money in the end. She is NOT against these programs, just urges you to research your particular program and really make sure to weigh the risks and benefits. I would really encourage you to read her book, though...overall, it's really great and I loved. It was a great support to me when I needed it the most.

And I LOVE that owl hat - adorable!

womb for improvement said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Glad you are sounding so up despite your last IUI, hope is a good thing.

(And I think 'Lately' sounds better than 'as of late'!).

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies!

Womb- I think you're right!!

Faith- My husband works a swing shift too. He was on days this week so I definately cherish the time I get to spend with him. (Especially since he's gearing up to take the test to get into the mechanical journeyman program..lots of studying!) Thanks for the suggestion on the book!! I wonder if it's on Kindle? hmmm.... Also do you know about attainivf or programs like it? If we put in $25,000 for up to 6 IVF cycles and it works on the 1st try, do we still owe the entire amount or just the amount of how much the 1st cycle costs?