Monday, February 14, 2011

Non-tacky ideas for fundraising???

So I pretty much have came to the conclusion that some form of fund raising is necessary to afford IVF. We've been saving and we'll probably use most of our tax return, but it still won't be enough. This is stressful, frustrating, and I think I'm a little heartbroken that it will probably come to this.

A few thing I have done today will check a couple things off the previous list. I called Which of course isn't available in Michigan, but also if you want 3 cycles, you must pay for all 3 cycles even if the 1st one works. So I called ARC, and their program is very similar.

I also called Dr. M to find out cost and set up an IVF consultation appointment. The front desk nurse said that the cost of egg retrieval and transfer (minus medication, lab work & monitoring ultrasounds) is $7,980. So it is $8,000 + $2,000 (medication) + $1500 (monitoring, lab work) which brings the grand total to somewhere in the woods of $11,500 per cycle. Holyschmoly! PER CYCLE guys!!!

So I also made another IVF consultation with Dr. M in Southfield who is with Wayne State University's infertility clinic (they are the only clinic in the state to accept ARC's refund program) on the same day.

I think this way we'll hear 2 options for the best outcome. I really don't want to be patronized at the appointment. I know how IVF works! I just want to be able to afford it and more than once if necessary.

This might come down to a spaghetti dinner/bottle drive/whoknowswhatsit-please-give us-your-spare-change to be able to afford this which makes me even more sad.

Sometimes I just gotta wonder WHY.

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Faith said...

Oh girl, I know it sucks, but when it's right, the money will somehow fall into place. I had NO idea how we'd pay for Jackson's adoption and by the time he was placed with us, the perfect plan had shown itself. That said, what about a garage sale? I know a lot of adoptive families do that and advertise that the proceeds go to their adoption, friends donate things to sell, etc. I don't know how comfortable you'd be with that, advertising your plan for IVF and all, just something I've seen done.

The "why" part is unknown to you now...but it will become clear when the timing is right. And then you'll know EXACTLY why you had to take this path. Until then, hang on and hang in, and know you are not alone....