Friday, February 4, 2011


Today I am 31. I really thought that we'd have at least 1 child by now and getting ready to start trying for a second. I guess God's plans are different than mine. Another failed cycle. Another cycle of residual follicles that have turned to cysts. I really think that it was another annovulatory cycle. Which would make 3 out of 4 IUI's have leftovers. Which makes me think they haven't solved my annovlatory issues at all. I really wish I had some answers. But instead I have 32mm cysts in my ovaries and have to sit another cycle out, riding on birth control to spring clean my ovaries.

Honestly I think the only IUI we even had a good shot at was the one last August. But I had to leave for a business trip, and so we did the IUI only 9 hours post trigger. (Way too soon) I totally had all the signs of ovulation (which I never do) and my progesterone blood draw confirmed ovulation too. My new RE doesn't do progesterone blood draws since I'm already taking the booster Ovidrel shot.

Steve and I majorly discussing IVF. So I guess its time to start planning a fundraiser perhaps, or saving like crazy. A friend from babycenter told me about so we'll definitely look into it. IVF scares me for several reasons. The main reason being the risk.

1. It costs over $7,000 per try.
2. It could FAIL.
3. Most IVF's only work 65% of the time.
4. It's pretty invasive

These are just my major concerns. I guess talking to the doctor would alleviate most of them. I don't know, now that we're seriously considering it I'm nervous. But if there is that wonderful bundle of joy at the end it would all be worth it!

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Faith said...

Oh, good luck in your decision making, hun! We considered IVF, too, and it was scary just thinking about it! But I didn't want to keep throwing money into IUI cycles, and I don't know how much you pay for your IUIs, but it might be worth it to skip those and move on. For us, adoption seemed right - there was a guarantee of a baby at the end of the process AND the adoption tax credit makes it WAY cheaper than IVF once you get that credit back. So, anyway, I remember all those thoughts and feelings. The right path will make itself clear to you....really, it will. It will just feel right in your gut. Good luck!