Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Dreams!

So I had this crazy wacky dream last night that I was going in for my very first egg retrieval and I was super nervous. I knew there were lots of good sized follicles in there, but wasn't sure how many we would end up with. I came out of surgery and they said they retrieved 30 follicles. They called me 24 hours later to tell me only 2 of them had fertilized and they would be the only ones transferrable. On one hand I was disappointed, but on the other it was like in the back of my mind this totally made sense. Like "So THIS is why we haven't gotten pregnant! It totally makes sense now. Only 2 out of every 30 eggs of mine are good." Silly I know, but I hope this dream does not fortell the future. I mean that's only a 6% fertilization rate.

I still have my hopes up that IUI #5 will be the trick...not super high, but still..The fortune teller lady did tell me we wouldn't have to resort to more expensive treatments...AND after all, fortune tellers ladies are always right aren't they? ;)

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womb for improvement said...

Um ... yeah. They are always right. (Except the one I went to who told me in August I'd be pregnant within four months).

But dreams are wrong, I know that.