Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today we are 30 together

Today is Steve's 30th birthday. Today we are the same age for exactly one month. I love it when we are the same age for these 30ish days. We are 30 together. Then next month I move on to 31 and it all starts over again.

Christmas and New Year's Eve was fun and low key. We didn't do anything especially noteworthy. In fact this was the 1st year that we didn't take any pictures. So we have no documented proof of ending 2010, but it was quite a kiss I can tell you that much. We did much of the same as we always do. We watched a lot of football, ate a bunch of junk, and I've landed the obligatory sinus infection.

Come to think of it, I haven't had a sinus infection in a really long time. No wonder I feel so miserable. I just want to breathe! I haven't been sleeping very well because of it and I can't taste food very well either. ugh!

In TTC news, today is CD29. This was our break cycle, although we did do a couple unmentioned things just to keep my cycles running smoothly. So the possibility (although unlikely) of getting pregnant was less that optimistic but still possible. I can say I did have a mature follicle (21mm at cycle day 14) and I did trigger. But there was no follow up to check progesterone or anything of the like. No inseminations, just done the ole' fashioned way. It got the better of me yesterday and I tested, negative of course, but today still no period. My RE told me to call them at 17dpo (which is Thursday) if I haven't started yet. I don't want to have my hopes up, especially with the negative result yesterday. So today I'm 1 day late, and in limbo. We'll see what later holds..........

Edit: AF showed up yesterday 1/5...on to a new cycle

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