Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Holy Night!

Well after that last post I think this one will be surprisingly pleasant. My funk seems to have lifted like a slow moving marine layer on the West Coast. I'm in a much better mood (although I've been having headaches on and off for a week now!)

Steve and I had a great weekend. We shared a little holiday cheer with my old work peeps and then went to a cancer benefit for a high school buddy of his who is strongly in our prayers. I even won one of the raffle prizes!! (a gift cert to Sibley Gardens, which I have never been so I hope it's yummy!) We bowled and it was fun. I haven't bowled since before my John passed away, which made it a little sad, but all the time I was picturing him yelling at me to move over a board and straighten out my arm. :) I bowled a 136 which isn't too bad for not having bowled in over a year.

Yesterday I finished all my holiday wrapping. I almost made it through unscathed but Beast kept trying to attack the paper, so some of it was wasted on playing with the pup.

In TTC news...this break has been wonderful. I've only been in contact with Dr. M's office once. It's been lovely not to have to get up at 5am twice a week to go have an ultrasound and bloodwork. Now only if my body cooperating and ovulated on its own. But such is life. I look forward to getting back to it next month so we can see whats next, but the break has been nice too!

There's a total lunar eclipse tonight! I'm going to try and stay up to see it!! I hope it isn't too cloudy!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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womb for improvement said...

Did you see the eclipse? It was too cloudy here. (But I read it was seen as a fertility omen).

Happy Christmas.