Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She sells sea shells (2)

I think I've named a post that before, but it still works with my post today, hence the (2) that I put after it. Not to be confused as a continuation of a previous post from long ago.

Steve and I went to Frankenmuth over the weekend and it was DECADENT! So much food and shopping and lovely house brewed beer. Can I just say that the Black Forest Tavern's "Lost Fugawi" brew and chocolate walnut fudge is a wonderful combination? Can I? Well it is. Too bad it's all gone. Not that I am indulging this week since we are in the final week before insemination time. We had a lovely time. We played put put, went swimming, made pretzels, walked the town, braved the CROWDS and ate and ate and ate.

I had forgotten ALL about side effects from medication. For some reason none of the injectables ever effected me. Perhaps ingesting something subcutaneously is better on my body after all (except for the forthwith bruise after the injection). Femara = HOTFLASHES & HEADACHES. So happy that I'm finished with it and back to the bruising syringes. I had a disturbing visit/results from the RE on Tuesday morning which had me all sorts of worried. Follicle size - Rt= 15, 9 x2...Lt= 12x2, 10 HOWEVER my estradiol (estrogen) was ONLY A 12!!! Well silly me flipped a lid and scoured the internet learn of any such thing happening to anyone else. Of course I found nothing. So I did as any other highly emotional infertile would do. I called the RE back and asked for more clarification. Everyone knows as your cycle progresses your estradiol should INCREASE not decrease. Well I spoke to a lovely, mind calming nurse named "Karen" who said "Of course it's so low, you were on Femara, that's to be expected." "OOOOOHHHHHHh!" says Me. This is when I learned that Femara suppresses the action of making estradiol to force your body to make FSH. (which is good because I could use more of that)

Sooooooooooo, to make a long post even longer. I'm back on Menopur hoping for a JUMP in estradiol levels tomorrow when I go back....IUI #3 (redo) is back on track for at least another 24hours.

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