Saturday, November 20, 2010

Green Light means GO!

YAY! IUI #3 is a GO! My estradiol went from 12 on Tuesday, to 74 on Thursday to 240 today!!! I have one great follicle at 20mm, and couple smaller ones that could be contenders at 15 & 13. I will be triggering tonight and going in for IUI #3 Monday morning! I think I'm a little too excited, but I'm staying this way because being discouraged beforehand isn't good for me. Everything stayed pretty smooth through this cycle. I just need some prayers for this two week wait coming up!

My poor Grand Prix, the last BIG thing I owned from before we got married has gone the way of the dodo bird. And we are now the proud owners of THIS:

And yep, we bought it with a backseat because we'll hopefully be putting some "Miller Lights" (as our friend AJ wants to call them) in the back!

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rsjablonski said...

miller lites! LOL! Prayers will continue! Love you!